Singapore Exchange Limited ("SGX"), is Asia’s most international stock exchange and, together with its affiliates, offers a fully integrated value chain from trading and clearing, to settlement and depository services. SGX, together with its affiliates, is Asia’s leading counterparty for the clearing of financial and commodity products and serves customers all over the world through multiple locations.

As part of SGX’s plans to improve the online transactional experience for issuers and to increase its operational efficiency, a new issuer portal system was implemented. A critical building block of this entire architecture was an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that seamlessly integrates multiple enterprise systems, to receive the corporate actions from the upstream system and deliver these in parallel to multiple downstream systems

SGX selected the AdroitLogic’s UltraESB as the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) of the solution, and engaged AdroitLogic to design, build, test and deploy the UltraESB solution.

The UltraESB based solution introduced much flexibility to accommodate changes to filtering rules, transformations and the overall message processing flows between different enterprise systems. This flexibility resulted in shorter cycles to introduce changes.

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SKB Europe, a leader in high-quality aluminium and plastic cases and boxes, has deployed the UltraESB as an AS2/EDI integration platform for Business-to-Business (B2B) integration. The system initially integrates the ERP system of SKB Europe with one of its key trading partners Amazon, via EDIFACT based EDI documents exchanged over the AS2 protocol.

"This was our first AS2 based integration with a trading partner, and AdroitLogic provided us excellent support throughout the process" said Oscar Dekkers, Managing Director of Faes Packaging Solutions, which developed the solution for SKB Europe.

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Storelabs, a European startup specialized in FMCG/Retail marketing and operations, has deployed an AS2/EDI - FTP/XML Gateway for HighCo Data Spain. The Cloud hosted gateway 'Nuron' initially integrates the retailer Carrefour Spain, with multiple coupon publishers utilizing the HighCo Data coupon clearing services.

"The UltraESB provided a much more innovative solution with multiple connectivity capabilities, replacing the classical EDI approach. Being an Enterprise Service Bus, it was able to easily integrate RESTful and SOAP services as well as AS2 and S/FTP based communications with different types of messages including GS1 EDIFACT and XML" said David Diaz, Founder and CTO of Storelabs.

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Jesta Digital, a leading global provider of next generation entertainment content and services for the digital consumer, successfully migrated their ESB clusters to the UltraESB. Jesta Digital is behind Bitbop wireless subscription service to deliver on-demand commercial-free television and films to personal computers, tablets and smartphones, and home to a number of well-known and established brands including Jamba and Jamster, which deliver branded content, music, games and apps to millions of mobile consumers.

"In a very demanding and rapidly changing market it is of utmost importance to be able to quickly adjust the technical platform to support product innovation and change. The UltraESB was able to demonstrate to the Jesta Digital Technology team in Berlin that its simplicity, testability, extensibility and performance is made for a matching foundation" said Eric Hubert, the Executive Director of Strategy and Architecture at Jesta Digital.

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