We are crazy about architecture, performance and code quality! Like an Officially Certified Swiss Chronometer, our products are designed by a highly skilled team with years of experiance in ESBs and integration, to be a world apart in quality

Our objective and passion, is to build the best ESB - in terms of Ease of use, Performance and Quality

Hence quality of the API, code, comments, samples, unit tests and documentation are all looked into very carefully. We did not inherit an age old codebase with past sins, nor did we start building our company on the 'one to be thrown away' as Frederick Brooks said. We do not use tools to find bad code snippets and fix only those instead of the larger problems; just to show up decently on reports. We instead start at the bottom and only write good code with great passion and care. How can we do this being a commercial entity? It's by

Compare the code quality and continuous build results of ours with those of any other ESB vendor you desire, and notice the difference yourself. Of-course, some vendors do not publish these results publicly, and those who do publish it as an afterthought will give you nice figures for a good comparison. If you dare to take the challenge whether an "open source" ESB is really suitable for you to use it in production, simply checkout the source code from its repository and try to build it yourself. It will save you many hours of wasted development, and it will help you stay away from the "open sores"!

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