Superior Design for Enterprise Operations

Extremely light weight, Lean & Simple to configure

Integrate different systems both within an organization and beyond with UltraESB



Best Open Source ESB

UltraESB is in production use at many leading organizations around the world, and its source code is available under custom licenses for larger enterprise deployments. It has been licensed under the terms of a customized Apache Software Foundation License Version 2, by one of the largest organizations in the world.

Integrate different systems both within an organization and beyond

  • HTTP/S
  • JMS
  • Email (POP3/IMAP/SMTP)
  • AMQP
  • File/SFTP/FTP/FTPS/Samba
  • WebSockets
  • TCP/S
  • MLLP/S
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • Hessian
  • FastInfoset
  • AS2
  • Protocol Buffers
  • FIX
  • XML / POX
  • JSON
  • Text / String
  • HL7
  • Map
  • Binary
  • EDI
  • WS-Security
  • XSLT / XQuery
  • Data Services
  • Soring Support
  • AuthN and AuthR
  • Caching
  • Throttling

UltraESB is the only ESB that supports Zero-Copy proxying for extreme levels of performance utilizing Direct Memory Access (DMA) and the send-file system call along with Non-Blocking IO.

It supports multiple communication protocols, message formats and modern SOA technologies

Development Configuration & Testing

Use Any IDE

Simplicity of use for development and management

File caching and storage of payloads in files

RAM disk based file system & usage of RAM capabilities without a garbage collection overhead

End-to-end Unit Testing with a high code level coverage

Ships over 70 Samples and corresponding Unit tests, including end-to-end unit tests

Use jmx to report metrics and manage runtime instances

Standardize on JMX based management & reporting

Management & Monitoring

Standardized on JMX

All management and monitoring tools runs outside of the core ESB instances

UConsole - Web based management console

UTerm - Scriptable CLI interface for administration

Built-in Metrics, Alerting and Connection failure debugging

Automated template based metrics reporting to Zabbix

Clustering & High-Availability

Clustering based on Apache ZooKeeper

All nodes are equal, no special administration nodes, or single points of failure

Management of a complete cluster via any connected node

State replication and content sharing via distributed Caching based on Ehcache

Active-Passive nodes, Pinned services and Service Migration on failure

Technical Innovations

File Caching

File Caching on RAM disks - Speed of RAM with ease of Files, but with much less GC overhead


Transparent Zero-Copy proxying with 'sendfile' system call and Direct Memory Access (DMA)

In-memory compilation

JDK 6 based in-memory compilation of Java and JSR 223 based mediation fragments

Dynamic Reload

Dynamically reloading deployment units (i.e. services, mediation logic etc) atomically during runtime

UltraESB Performance

Production Support

Our Production Support pricing applies to all of our products, and is based on the number of instances you will use in production. We will not charge for instances used in HA-passive deployment, Staging, QA or Development environments. However, if you are using n instances in production, you cannot obtain support for only one of them

Request Information


Public Forum based Support

  • Public Support Forums
  • No Service Level Agreement
  • Public GA Releases
  • Affero GPL License
  • Only public Source Code


Basic Support

  • Email only Support
  • 1 Day Resp/3 Day Resolution
  • 4 Incidents
  • Email Support
  • Public GA Releases
  • Commercial License
  • Only public Source Code
  • Limited to 2 Nodes per Customer


8x5 Support

  • 8 Hr Resp / 48 Hr Resolution
  • 10 Incidents
  • Web/Email Support
  • Certified Binary Releases
  • Commercial License
  • Full Source Code(include patches)
  • Service Packs
  • Hot Fixes
  • Discounted Dev Support
  • Reviews before production use


24x7x365 Support

  • 2Hr Resp / 24Hr Resolution
  • Unlimited Incidents
  • Phone/Web/Email Support
  • Certified Binary Releases
  • Commercial License
  • Full Source Code(include patches)
  • Service Packs
  • Hot Fixes
  • Discounted Dev Support
  • Reviews before production use
  • 10 Hrs Off Site Dev Support


Complete Distribution

Suggested for Production deployments

~43MB  V 2.3.0

Includes all optional transports, all optional features, all management utilities, Samples and Unit tests


Service Pack

For Enterprise Deployments

Service Pack 022  V 2.3.1

Includes updates, improvements & fixes since last GA release to the UltraESB HttpCore & other key libraries.


Source Distribution

Available under the terms of the AGPL License

~5MB  V 2.3.0

Includes all optional transports, all optional features, all management utilities, Samples and Unit tests


Minimal Distribution

Suggested for Production deployments

~11MB  V 2.3.0

Optional transports and features may be enabled No samples, unit tests or documentation included Includes no management utilities


Management & Monitoring Utilities Distribution

Suggested for Production deployments

~10MB  V 2.3.0

Web based UConsole for Management and Monitoring Scriptable CLI utility UTerm for administration


License & Usage

The UltraESB binaries are licensed under the terms of the AdroitLogic EULA. This is a commercial friendly and perpetual license, and allows ultimate end-users of the UltraESB to use any number of instances for Production use at a zero-dollar cost. The license is unique to AdroitLogic, is written in simple language for easier understanding. This specifically states the following in addition to other restrictions

Licensee may not:

  • sell, sub-license, redistribute, encumber, give, lend, circulate, disseminate, translate, rent, lease, or otherwise transfer the Product, or any portions of the Product, to anyone without the prior written consent of Licensor;
  • reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, modify, adapt, translate, make any attempt to discover the source code of the Product, or create derivative works from the Product;
  • allow the use of the same License Key by a number of runtime instances exceeding the Authorized Instances
  • distribute the Product via OEM Distribution without entering into a separate OEM Distribution Agreement with the Licensor.
  • modify or alter license protection mechanisms that are designed to manage and protect the intellectual property rights of the Licensor.

The terms of the Affero General Public License (AGPL) would be difficult for a layman to understand, and hence you should consult with your corporate attorney for clarifications. In general, if your company is the sole and ultimate end-user of the UltraESB, you should be able to use the AGPL source, and modify it, where required. However you cannot re-distribute it, or use it to build proprietary closed source products, or write code that links with it under an incompatible license, or host instances in a Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cloud model, for or on behalf of others
Free and Open Source software does not mean that one could take the source code of another and do as he pleases. AdroitLogic as the Copyright holder, will strictly enforce its legal rights against any infringements. Hence, consult your attorney if you are not sure your usage would violate the terms of the license or check with us.

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